420 B L A Z E the B 0 0 7 1

in the end you're what's most important and I should not have put you in a position to feel bad for not texting me bc I should be able to put your needs before mine. this will undoubtedly happen again in the future but I want you to know I'm sorry

i legit just saw your messages on tumblr right now. ive been so busy i kinda only text people if they text me first because im just so busy and i know its not a valid excuse but i feel like im finding out who i am and im moving out of my old phase and beginning a new one


I was taking a shower and I didn’t know I was having a nose bleed so when I looked down I saw a bunch of blood and I thought I was having my period but then i remembered i’m a 16 year old asian boy

i eat m&m’s bc the thought of accidentally eating one with a peanut in it excites me.
im deadly allergic to peanuts.

so bullshit tbh. kinda ruined my day.

maybe i do but would you know? no you wouldnt because you didnt give me the time of day to explain

actually fuck you because i fucking explained i needed time and space but no. you knew i was fucked up but u stayed and said it was ok

i stopped because i was scared I’d fuck something up but i ended up fucking things up by stopping it.
really want to die rn like a lot.


are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch


marijuana more like marijuanah. say no to drugs. stop kony



god ur annoying

excuse me?